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Pastors don’t build big churches…they build big people. And the big people build the big churches.

Churches operate with volunteers. They have the will to service, but often not the skill!

First Touch
is all about serving…serving any and every person who enters God’s house.  

First Touch is designed to prepare staff and ministry volunteers to serve and exude Christ in Attitude and Actions!

First Touch
creates an atmosphere that facilitates the loving, caring and thoughtful serving experience that supports ministry and worship.

The FIRST TOUCH acronym means:

Relationships while


Others with the

woman smilingFirst Touch Is YOU!

First Touch Goals:

1. Examine how we must serve in the House of the Lord.  Smile, Listen, Lead.

2. Flow in the Spirit of the ministry of the Church.

3. Serve as ambassadors for Christ using the 10 Customer Service principles.


The Church’s 3 Most Powerful Customer Service Skills Are:


S   Sincerity is from the Heart
Be caring and thoughtful.  Work through each situation in a positive manner. With First Touch, we care about others first!
Use your head and heart connection! Out of the heart, the mouth speaks.

M   Motivation & Ministry
Attitude is 99% of any situation, and the other 1% is the approach or action you take to the situation! Select the right Attitude from the start.  

I   Integrity
See the situation through to resolution and do the very best you can. Remember, we’re performing our assignments to glorify God!

  Laughter & Love
Laughter calms people down and helps us move people along with the program!  Love allows us to look beyond the faults of others to see their needs!

Enthusiasm is energy! We are drawn to those who have an “alive” spirit.    

Active Listening!                             

Before we can render excellent service there is one more crucial activity we must do: Listen!


Develop An Attitude of Excellence!

“Excellence can be attained if you:
Care more than others think is wise,
Risk more than others think is safe
Dream more than others think is practical”

The 10 Commandments of First Touch Service

Commandment #1 - Thou Shalt Serve With A Smile! 

Commandment #2 – Thou Shalt Go the Extra Mile.
Commandment #3 – Thou Shalt Greet, Speak and Be Real Sweet!   

Commandment # 4 – Thou Shalt Say, “Thank You and Please”…A LOT!   
Commandment # 5 - Thou Shalt Be Willing To Apologize …Quickly!  
Make a commitment to apologize, even if it is not your fault… as quickly as you can!
Commandment # 6 – Thou Shalt Anticipate.   

Commandment # 7 – Thou Shalt Do What Is Necessary, Not What Is Comfortable!  

Commandment # 8 – Thou Shalt Take Responsibility.  

Commandment # 9 – Thou Shalt Lighten The Lines!   

Commandment # 10 – Thou Shalt Practice the C.A.N.E.I. Principle!


Meet our trainers

Dee and WillieDr. Willie Jolley, CEO, is an internationally recognized speaker, author and media personality. His books have been translated into many languages. He presents to corporations, associations, conventions and churches around the world.

His wife is Dee Taylor-Jolley, MEd, COO of Willie Jolley Worldwide and Chief Learning Officer of Jolley U, the professional development division which designs and delivers programs to improve communication/presentation skills and customer service delivery. God has blessed them to work and travel together!

They are faithful members of First Baptist Church of Glenarden, Upper Marlboro, MD


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