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Jolley Presentation Skills

Fear-of-Public-SpeakingHow to Overcome Fear and Develop Confidence

At some point in your life, almost every person will need to say something in public! Your speaking skills only become important if you want to become more successful! The higher you go, the more public speaking you will need to do. 

Grow your career by being a more persuasive, powerful presenter. Use your ability to influence and persuade to capture the attention of your co-workers, leaders and other of influence to build your career! The power of your presentation can make the difference in your future success or failure! Full Seminar Description





Speak Without Fear

Speak Without Fear

Do you need to present or speak to groups? Do you give presentations at your job? Are you uncomfortable at networking functions, and need a successful strategy?

Becoming a great presenter is an art, not a science.

Whether you’re a novice presenter or one with hundreds of presentations under your belt, there’s always room for improvement.

Our JolleyU “Speak Without Fear” Presentation Skills Workshop will help you gain the skills to become more confident, comfortable and convincing with your audiences.

Our workshop will help transform you into a skilled presenter! Full Seminar Description




young man looking around the corner 42-15242733 optHow To Be An Influential Introvert

Do you hate having to interact with people at networking events?

Do you shy away from trying to influence others in person?

Do you dread making presentations to sell your ideas?

Most of us have to do all of these things to have a profitable business. It can be especially challenging for the introverted personality. We introverts enjoy thinking, exploring thoughts and feelings and developing ideas.

We tend to avoid extended social situations, because being around lots of people zaps our energy, makes us anxious and can send us to the corner at the party. This can be true even when we have good social skills! Full Seminar Description


First Touch Logo 10-12-1First Touch

Pastors don’t build big churches…they build big people. And the big people build the big churches.

Churches operate with volunteers. They have the will to service, but often not the skill!

First Touch
is all about serving…serving any and every person who enters God’s house.  

First Touch is designed to prepare staff and ministry volunteers to serve and exude Christ in Attitude and Actions!

First Touch
creates an atmosphere that facilitates the loving, caring and thoughtful serving experience that supports ministry and worship. Full workshop description