IntrovertHow To Be An Influential Introvert


Do you hate having to interact with people at networking events?

Do you shy away from trying to influence others in person?

Do you dread making presentations to sell your ideas?fear-of-public-speaking-91648771 opt

Most of us have to do all of these things to have a profitable business. It can be especially challenging for the introverted personality. We introverts enjoy thinking, exploring thoughts and feelings and developing ideas.

We tend to avoid extended social situations, because being around lots of people zaps our energy, makes us anxious and can send us to the corner at the party. This can be true even when we have good social skills!

We simply need time alone to "recharge."



Being an introvert is ok!

Research shows introverts make up more than 25% of the U.S. population. That means there are alot of people with strong powers of:

    • Observation
    • Concentration
    • Focus


These are ALL valuable assets in any situation. But many of us don't feel strong, focused, or energetic when it comes to speaking!  

Do you know the essence of the introvert’s dilemma? Find out! And get realistic strategies and techniques to help you create transformative presentations to deliver results to get you paid!

Who Should Attend?

Introverts who wants to harness their power to influence, persuade and sell!


You will be able to Confidence level

    • Apply a proven philosophy of how to speak, persuade and influence with confidence in an extroverted world
    • Implement the 7 strategies to guarantee your message hits your intended target
    • Navigate successfully through any presentation opportunity.


You will learn how to

    • Visualize
    • Humanize  
    • Humorize
    • Organize
    • Picturize
    • Systematize
    • Summarize


IT’S OK!!! We introverts are hardwired differently.

Find out how to use your introverted personality to hold your own in an extroverted world!

Join us for this Fast Paced, One-Day Workshop, designed to set your introverted speaking style free to achieve all you need to be.

Seminar includes:

Jolley U Study/Workbook Guide

Everything DiSC Workplace ® profile evaluation. This will help you build awareness of what drives, motivates and influences you. With this knowledge you can shape your presentations around your natural strengths!

Seminar Date: Coming Soon